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Make Money Online As a Ticket Puller

If you are a fast typer and you can type 50+ words per minute, you might want to look into applying to be a ticket puller. Nowadays, there are ticket pulling companies that have websites that actually “pull tickets” for various concerts and events. The people who own these ticket pulling companies purchase tickets in large quantities and in many cases the box offices at various concert halls will only allow a small number of ticket purchases per person. This is where you come in!

When you sign up for a ticket pulling website – you will be tested on your mouse clicking speed and your typing ability. Once you pass these tests, you’ll be invited to some online pulling events. Let’s say Coldplay is playing a concert in Los Angeles – well you know every fan in a six state radius is going to want tickets and they will sell out quickly! Having you online to pull tickets under your name helps these ticket pulling companies get enough tickets to resell to their clients and make a profit. In return for your time – you get a percentage of the ticket sale! This is a fast, simple way to make money online.

Don’t worry – this is not illegal, you are only helping these ticket pulling website’s clients get tickets at face value. In a successful ticket pulling session, you will usually earn roughly $20, but you can earn up to $50 in a good session. Some sessions are not always successful and it all depends on the event, how quickly it sells out, the required demands of the client, the speed of the puller, luck, etc. So far, roughly 35% of requested sessions have been successful.

A session usually lasts about fifteen to twenty minutes – so you won’t be spending lots of time at your computer should you be unsuccessful in obtaining tickets. There are usually multiple sessions throughout the week and these ticket pulling websites would like you to attend a good percentage of these events.

You will not have to provide your credit card or any payment information when pulling tickets. Your account with the ticket pulling website is preloaded with a credit card that is inserted for you. Once you complete a successful session – you will get your payment via paypal within 48 hours. Do this a few times a week and you can easily use ticket pulling as a source of additional income and a quick way to make money online!

Source by Michael-John Wolfe

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